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OAB/AC 2.833 / OAB/RO 4.864


Master's student in Law at the Autonomous University of Lisbon (Portugal).

MBA in Business Management from Fundação Getúlio Vargas/FGV.

Specialist in Fiscal and Tax Auditing from Universidade Cândido Mendes/RJ.

Specialist in Civil Procedure from Anhanguera/UNIDERP.

Extension in Corporate Restructuring (Family Holding and Asset Protection) through the Audit Portal.

Extension in Tax and Corporate Planning from the Institute for International Research, Development and Business Performance – IRR TRAINING/SP.

Substitute Professor of the Law Course at the Federal University of Acre/UFAC (2006/2008).

OAB/AC Sectional Advisor (2013/2018).

President of the OAB/AC Tax Law Commission (2014/2018).

Deputy Secretary General and General Inspector of OAB/AC (2019/2021).

Member of the National Commission for Procedural Speed of the Federal Council of the OAB (2020/2022).

Director of the CBMAE/ACISA Business Mediation and Arbitration Chamber (2021/2022).

Author of legal articles. Postgraduate Professor. Lecturer on legal training and updating courses.

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